how sturdy is velcro?


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How well would industrial strength velcro hold up my vac formed armor? I've used the velcro for lots of costumes, but never for vac armor on a fett. Thinking of getting it just so I can change it around if I need to, plus I'm a little nervous about the snaps. Looking forward to your input!

I used normal Velcro to sew on my armor vest, and the industrial strength, sticky-back stuff for the backs of the plates.

The glue of the sticky-back stuff tends to 'cure' after a couple of weeks, making it extremely difficult to remove. This is a good thing, until you decide to redo or repaint your armor.

As far as the velcro - - -if ya want more bang for the buck - - -

Walmart has 'uh good deal in 'uh box. I think 4 or 5 feet. Not bad.
This is after 30 minutes of walking around my living room. Velcro is not the best way in my opinion.


I can't imagine 4 or 5 hours like this. I was Mr. Pop-Off!
John, did you sew the velcro to the cloth? It should not have budged then. The stuff I had anyway ripped chuck's gauntlets in half when I tried to take one off. That was a sad day indeed :cry, but I'm going to do the magnet deal. I got them today and there very hard to pull apart. I tested them just now between a piece of cloth and it takes quite a bit of force to get it off, and even then you can just throw it back on instantly.

I use velcro for my guantlets and to attach my armor. I have not had a problem with it yet. I works well, I used the industrial stuff.
Velcro can be your enemy in hot and humid climates. People using it on their armor at Disney found that out the hard way as things just kept falling off. It is a great secondary attachment method, but I'd consider having a back-up in place as well.

Personally, the majority of my armor is attached with snaps. If you don't position them too tightly (i.e. bend your arm and a shoulder bell goes POP!), you shouldn't have any problems with them. My knees are held on with elastic straps and velcro sewn to the jumpsuit (perfect for keeping them from slipping down from walking).
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