How much prep work should I do?


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I might be getting a helmet cheap from a buddy that needs lots of work. It looks like there are lots of small air bubbles in it and other imperfections. If I get it I would make sure all the lines are smooth but, what about items like the dome? It almost looks like there is physical weathering.

So, do I smooth it out or let it go so that it adds to the character of the helmet?


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Dpends on what your going for asok! IMHO I preped my MSH2 so clean it was stupid and then got out my ROTJ ref pics and beat the living crap out of it with the proper tools! inserted all scratches, dents, and divets! Then I painted and weathered after that to get that REAL effect! So I would recommend this in my opinon bro!:) You doing ESB or ROTJ?



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Ahhhh! Special edition fett like Chris??? COOL!(y)

I'm gonna finish mine (ROTJ) I think in December! Heres hopin' anyway!