How do you transport your jet pack?

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How do you transport your jetpack?

I would love to see some ideas on how most of you transport your packs. I`ll be getting mine very soon and need some good ideas.

Thanks in advance....

Well since it doesn't fit in my costume crate, I wrap it in a towel and place it on top of the crate when I carry it to and from events. Same with my blaster. :)
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if you go out ... err another city, you can use a big suitcase
you know those with weels :D
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Mine just gets nestled between the costume trunks or rides in the back seat. If you haven't built yours yet, make the thrusters and missle removable as it would be much easier to pack it up if needed.
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My thrusters don't come off, but they rotate so I can set the pack down on its "butt" without breaking them off. I used to seat-belt it in the back seat, but I don't bother any more. When I had to fly with one of my older versions, I cut the rocket off and jammed the whole thing in my suitcase. Then I glued it back together after I arrived. Then I made a new version when I got back. *L*
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I just put my JP loose unpackaged/covered in the back of ther car in between the front and back seat and drive. I "may" throw a towel over it so that nobody would want to steal it if they saw it. :p

I've taken my JP 4 hrs away like this and never had a problem.

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Thanks everyone..

I just wanted to see if anyone had made speacil carrying cases for theirs....

Wish me luck!

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I used to do the same thing as Lisa when traveling to local gigs, with the backseat and all.

After I bought the wheeled trunk from BedBath&Beyond, I noticed that the jet pack was about 1/2" too long for the trunk. So I hacksawed the top piece off and drilled a hole in each piece. I inserted a double-screw in the top parts and a sunk a threaded brass piece (my apologies for having the exact names for these parts right now) into the top of the pack.

My top rocket screws down onto the rest of the pack.

One of my nozzles is glued onto the dowel rod with JBWeld - ain't a'goin' nowheres. The other nozzle has a small hole in the end, where I run a long screw into the wood dowel from the outside. I store the nozzles in my boots (visualize 2 boots on a stick), and place them in the trunk.

The pack (MB Mark1 '96) fits in the trunk, sort of diagonally. All my other parts fit in there, and my helmet rides separately in a gym bag, stuffed with my armor vest (minus the plates).
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