How do you run your hoses into your costume?


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Stick the Hoses Where????

Just wondering what all you fetts out there have done with the hoses that are running from the gauntlets to the back of your suit. I have seen some images of fett with the hoses going around right to the jet pack, and then some other images of the hoses going inside the side sleeves... so only a bit of them is showing. What is the proper way..???
I put them inside the short sleeve shirt up towards the top and secured them with big saftey pins. I need to come up with something a little better but it works.
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I have the Pre Pro, and mine just attach behind my back underneath the back plate. The position of the hoses depends on what version of the suit you are making. I believe the ROTJ version attach inside the upper half of the sleeve.
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What type of hoses do you use? Are Boba's and Jango's the same?
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Boba's are PVC braided hoses. I think that Jango's are black fuel line, but I'm not too sure. I found the right looking hoses for Jango at Home DePot, but they came in every color but black!
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On Jangos they go in the sleeve, but on some boba pictures I have seen, They go up the the sholder bell...and go through the arm sleeves for the vest. Just depends I guess on whats more comfortable for you.
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The Boba hoses are consistent with each version of the suit though . . it's not like they switch. The ESB's go up the sleeve. I think it's the prepro's that go up the bell, but I could be totally mistaken without looking at the pictures.

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BOBA PHAT wrote:

Boba's are PVC braided hoses. I think that Jango's are black fuel line, but I'm not too sure. I found the right looking hoses for Jango at Home DePot, but they came in every color but black!

im not at all familiar with jango at all, but black fuel lines can be found at your local auto parts store.try autozone or pep boys and are very can get them in different diameters but the only problem i forsee is the white lettering thats stamped on sure it could be removed with paint thinner or something.

just an idea.i know nothing about jango.
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Thanks guys...

Jodo`s are the pvc braided ones also. Now that I have some clue, I won`t be afraid to do the modifications...


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I just attached my hoses to the inside of my backplate, then when I would get my armor on .... someone would attach my hoses to the gauntlets. I didn't have any problems wit the hoses falling out, but the hose was a bit stiff and just stuck out and did its own thing most of the time :lol:
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I`m pretty close to being done and need to know how to run the hoses from the gauntlets up into the soft parts of the costume. If anyone has pics of how they did theirs it would be great.

Thanks in advance...

I used the snap-buckle things, not sure of the correct term, but they work great. Tape the male end with electrical tape to the ends of the hoses, then sew the female end inside the upper arm of the suit. Then all you have to do to suit up is snap them together and your good to go.(y) If no one has any pics, I could snap some.
I used 2 large safety pins. Put one through both hoses at the top and then put that one through another up under the sleeve that is attached wherever you want it. It has worked fine for me.
I use an elastic method. That way, you don't have to worry about your hoses coming unplugged at the gauntlet ends, and when you straighten your arms, your hoses don't flare out.

There's a piece of elastic sewn into the jumpsuit, right between the outer and inner sleeve, at the seam line. The elastic hooks onto the top of the hose, like in this diagram:


I hope this helps!
Damn, that's a really sweet idea there Eric. Nice job.

Beats anything I was dreaming up, that's for sure!

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