General How do you play the part of Jango Fett while in costume?


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I noticed this topic in the general information forum about Boba but what about Jango? Does anyone have any suggestions on what physical things to do in order to really be true to the character? I realize half the time he has his helmet off but that doesn't work for those of us who don't look like Temeura ;)

I did a search and didn't see this topic on Jango so if it's been discussed before, sorry, but this is such a huge part of costuming I thought I'd see what everyone thought :)
:lol: Well, I mean really we don't have as much to base the character off of as Boba (especially since we know Jeremy based the character off of Clint Eastwood) and I know a lot of members here have nailed some of the poses but what about the overall presentation...
I've wondered about this same subject myself.

As long as I'm able to pull off the blaster spin and
actually get it in the holster without dropping it, I'll be happy.
That's one of my favorite Jango moments.

You're right though, there's not much to base it on.

One thing I've noticed... he always has his arm straight
when firing a blaster. And if he's only firing one blaster
he always uses his right hand.

Exactly! You definitely brought up some good points. And of course yes Seeker you have the pose down perfectly :) But other than those few things and the classic pose of letting your arms hang down with fists closed over the blasters, I'm really not sure what else there is to portray Jango accurately
I noticed this thread for Boba, and have yet to respond. My personal observation while wearing Mandalorian armor is to just take slow deliberate steps, head slightly tilted forward.

When turning to look at someone, do it slowly. It will convey an aura of menace without even trying!


Standing at rest w/ hands on blaster, or in the case of Jango, both hands crossed, or rather arms folded works well.

If you just turn your head, as if scanning the room, while not moving your body, it creates a nice effect too.

Your body language needs to suggest that the armor you're wearing feels like you live in it...

You'll also need to fasten two straws together, w/ one being a bendy straw, to drink out of anything...


It's a helluva way to drink a beer, but it's the Mandalorian way!!

One thing good about Jaster, is I made up my own version of Walking in full Jaster suit. Have an edge look, always stare at people with the :evil stare, always have your hand on your Sidearms, & have a calm but edgeish look:D works for me, I've been practicing - people say it looks creepy & awesome at the same time, but this is Jaster don't forget -
You'll also need to fasten two straws together, w/ one being a bendy straw, to drink out of anything...


It's a helluva way to drink a beer, but it's the Mandalorian way!!


:lol: I was w/ya up until this one.
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obiwan2 wrote:

So do you guys think that the slow movement etc. is a characteristic for all Fetts rather than just Boba?

Jango doesn't seem like a "slow movement" type of guy.
IMHO, Boba and Jango seem very different.

Unlike Boba, most of Jango's moves are rather quick.

One of the best insights into Jango's character occurs
when he is unmasked, during his chat with Obi-Wan.
He must know that Obi-Wan can see right through him,
and yet he steps forward and gets right up in his face.
Any normal person would feel uncomfortable in that
situation. Not Jango, he fearlessly turns the tables.

I'm not saying that to portray Jango you need to get in
people's faces, just thought I'd point that out.

I'm pretty sure the proper way to portray Jango is to wear a fluffy foo foo thing and no shirt. Wait, wrong character...
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