How did everyone attach their wookie scalps?

I sewed mine on. Just draped them and ran thread through each one individually then together. I don't know how to sew, but this is just running thread back and forth, doesn't have to be pretty, just secure. And I ran hot glue over the thread on the inside to make sure it was all held solid.

Looked just fine to me :D

Thanks Journey... thought that maybe that would be the way to go with sewing it in...losely I take it so they can move a bit... I'll probably be doing that tonight on my vest. Thanks again.
I strongly suggest sewing them on unless you want to lose them. They'll slip off while moving around or someone will pull them off.

Some kid kept pulling mine every time I'd turn my back at this YMCA camp gig I did this weekend. Damn kid! :lol: If they weren't sewn on, they'd be gone. As it is, I lost a shin tool. I'm not sure if it fell off on it's own or if someone stole it. Oh well...
My scalps make a loop around my arm and hang down in the front. They are all sewn together and I had a snap sewn to the bottom where it connected at my shoulder. So the scalps snap onto my vest and can snap off. Works great.
I went up to them, stuck my blaster in their face, and said "Bend over, stand still, and let me cut some hair off your head if you value your pitiful life, vermin Wook.."
I sewed mine on aswell with black thread the reference cd pics are done the same.

Here is the pic:

I was really considering the black thread method on the vest...but the safety pins fpoato's tactic just gave me a good idea, just use the BIG ones, and really tight.

I like that Saftey pin idea, I have em just hanging there, but after readin the Y-kid story I think ill secure em better
it only takes one kid to run off with them. and I cant move for crap in my suit :facepalm
I just use one of the large safety pins, and even though people have tugged on them sometimes, I've never lost them once.
I cheated and put them in a different place. I put a little spot of velcro on the edge of my armor and the hair just sticks to it. Easy as can be.
Yeah, but neither does velcro! ;).....and Star Wars takes place in the past, not the future. Remember the line "A LONG TIME AGO" ??? ;)
I strongly suggest using the safety pin method. Especially if you ever plan to wash the vest. Wookie hairs and water are not a good mix. Might be why wookies reek so bad.

If you safety pin from inside the vest, and just pull enough through to catch the braids, you won't even be able to see the pin from the outside.
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