How can i reinforce a cardbord pak?

well, in the past, i used to own a fiberglass pak bought from ebay but i lost all my props in a house fire a few years back.. well, since i have cardborad/foam pak in the works, i was wondering how i can reinforce this stuff. Can i spray plastidip on it? is there a sprayable plastic? anything?

i will appreciate u guy's help. thnx


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you can plastidip cardboard np but not foam. I am doing the same thing my jet pack weighs 1000 pounds and im redoing it in sintra and dismantling the old pack for parts. Gorrilla glue seems to permanently glue sintra together. Maybe you can reinforce the outside with plastic forsale signs?
I use for sale signs on armor parts but for jet pack,, i want it to be HARD.. and thich enough so it forms an outerlayer/shell so i can remove the card board parts and have a plastic pak,, or i might just leave the inside alone,, and let it be like that.