How can I attach my J/P


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I'm currently working on a scratch built J/P and I've run into a problem. How can I attach my J/P and backplate without the straps showing. My vest has the front armor atached with snaps, and it closes from the back with snaps as well. I know i'm probably going to have to cut holes in the back of my vest, but I dont want to cut more than I have to. I need a way to atatch the back peices, and keep it invisible to the naked eye. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Gator Fett

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I bolted my backplate to my collar armor with the collar studs, and the two pieces rest on my shoulders. I added the high power magnets to hold the armor in place, but the weight of the backplate is actually supported by my shoulders. After I put on my vest, I slip the collar and backplate over my head, and on to my shoulders. The magnets pull the armor into position.

The straps for my JP harness will go through slots in the vest and holes in the backplate, then connect to clips on the JP. I don't know how you can attach the JP without the straps showing, unless you secure the JP right to the backplate. But that would put a lot of strain on you collar piece and pull it into your neck.

Why are you worried about the straps showing?


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If it's scratchbuilt its gonna be pretty light, as mine was, It's alright if the straps show I think... If they didnt show you would have to, like Gator said, attach the Jp directly to the backplate completly. Goodluck!


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The strapes come out of the vest and backplate via a harness under both. The strapes attach to hooks on the back of the jet pack with metal loops attaches to the end of the strap. The straps are clearly visible on both the ESB and ROTJ suits, any reason you dont want the straps to show?
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