Hot Armor! Ouch! Post your Fett Injuries!!


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I was thinking while shaping my armor dents.

When you heat up plastic with a heat gun and you are trying to push the end of a broom handle into just the right spot while holding around it you tend to scorch your fingers pretty good!:eek:

So far, on top of this, I have slipped with an X-acto Knife (I don't think I have to elaborate on that for any true hobby person) and stabbed my self several times with a needle (while sewing...not for recreation)

Lets hear some Fett costuming injuries. I know I'm not the only one. (I hope):rolleyes
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No pics (for better or for worse) but here is my list:

Blisters on fingers from hot plastic.
Sintra dust in my eyes
Splinters of plastic in my eyes
Xacto knife cuts in fingers
Numerous headaches from resin and spray fumes.
and one nasty sun burn on my back and neck from being out side an entire day with out sunblock fiddeling with my fett stuff.
Boba Swede said:
Sintra dust in my eyes
Splinters of plastic in my eyes

Yeah...these two things you listed made me think of something else. Hot, molten slugs of plastic being thrown from the Dremel tool and landing on arms, cheeks, lips, and eyelid.

Why do we put ourselves through this?

Oh yeah...Fett is cool!
Arg, yes! I know those hot shards of plastic very well. My friend had a hole in his pants, and a shard of hot plastic went right in. Needless to say he did a little dance to get it out. :lol:

And I just recovered from a fume-induced headache. :p
My worst so far was when I was using a the little saw blade on my dremel and slipped and sunk it deep through my finger. Thank God for super glue.
Years ago, I was doing some solder work to a voice-amp system, and a hot dollup of solder dropped onto my thigh. I still bear the scar...
I was holding a piece of sintra against my belly and using a Dremel with a router bit (real safe, I know):lol: Anyway it slipped and caught my shirt and tore out a big patch of hair off my belly. I had a stupid looking bald spot on it for months.:facepalm
pinched the top part of my left middle finger w/ those rare earth magnets.
"ouch!! that hurt!..ill never do that agian"

4 minutes later....

"#$%!* magnets!" ...i pinched the right middle finger.

both left blood blisters :( no good
digital509 said:
My worst so far was when I was using a the little saw blade on my dremel and slipped and sunk it deep through my finger. Thank God for super glue.

Similar story... cleaning up the keyholes and the razor slipped. Cut deep.

I too thank God for Superglue. :)
So far no injuries on Fett yet. But I have had pleanty of resin dust in my face when sanding!

However, I did get a bit jacked up when I was working on my blaster and on my Scout Trooper. I nailed my leg with the X-acto knife when working on my Scout armor...

The blaster? We were cutting some "U" channel to make the railing for the stock. Well the metal heats up quick and a piece fell on the ground. I let it sit for a few moments, and then like an idiot, picked up the bare metal with my hand. (no gloves). Left two nice burn marks on my index finger and thumb of my right hand!

What can I say, I am a danger to myself!
i don't think i've cried on anything yet, but i've had plenty of the first 2.

my latest dumba$$ moment was on an at-at driver helmet though. i heated up one of the tubes to reshape it a bit. heat gun, 750 degrees. when it was just right, i grabbed the corner to bend it in. with my bare hand.

that was when i realized that 750 degrees was, in fact, hot.
I've put plenty of blood, sweat, and other injuries (see my googles thread) into my costume, but I'll admit it; The other day when I started laying down tape for my kill stripes and paint started to peel after letting it dry for months....I was so close to shedding some tears :cry
Hmm, fiberglass specks in my eyes from dremelling, um my old set of knees dug themselves into the sides of my legs and that was painful. My first set of mando that I made of sheet metal....cuts cuts and more cuts!
I lost a big chunk of my left index finger with an X-Acto blade. It happened last year in about October and my finger is still misshapen, you wouldn't notice it if I didn't bring it up :)

Also, you know that skin inbetween your fingers? While cutting velcro... well I cut about a cenimeter of skin deep inbetween my left middle and ring finger. It bled like a gunshot to the head, but it healed in about two days... amazingly.
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