Hmmm, what should I do this week...


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Repaint my old models?

SW falcon.jpg
To potentially head off some questions later, here is the answer to the obvious for some.

Yes. This is FettPride version 2 armor!!:D

Now before everyone starts madly PMing poor FP, I will explain how I came to own this armor before it’s available.

I had asked Chris for chest armor and he was kind enough to update the moulds at that time and instead of giving me version 1, which he knew would shortly be outdated, he sent me the first set of FPv2 chest armor!
I believe I am correct in saying that he will not produce any more of these just yet. He has other things to do at the moment.

I was very lucky to get this and I hope this explanation will stop this thread from earning FP some undeserved “FP plays favorites” feelings.

I am not a FP favorite…
Chris cant really count me as a favorite when I am new and barely have met anyone from these forums can he?

I am however, currently cooler than all you “version 1 people” ;) :lol:
So indulge my newbie like joy in having something no one else (besides RS) has yet..

See this for more info


Thank you, thank you to FettPride who has saved a financially challenged youngling from longing for the next best thing and cursing his bad luck for narrowly missing out on it.

I will keep this updated with slow progress photos and hope that you all will critique it for me.

Also, would someone please PM me and explain how to improve my picture posting quality?:eek:

That armor looks like it was made from a deranged set of sprinkler pipe, just because you own it....;)

All seriousness aside:lol: That looks really good, and the vest it's going on looks great lucky devil you.
Show off! :moon

:lol: :lol:

That armor is awesome man! (y) You are lucky Bro! :cheers

I'm looking forward to when FP is ramped up and in full production! :D
:) Small update.

I messed around with the Floquil Bright Silver on the abdomen piece. The dimond is like my test piece.

I'll finish the silver tomorrow.

Now all I have to do is wait for the Yellow Zinc Chromate to come from testors.

I still havent learned to post high quality pictures. Help?

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Finished the silver paint tonight. Sharp-eyed viewers may notice I layed it on more thickly in some places than others. Though not really recommended I'm sure, it saved me some paint.:facepalm


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