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does anyone know where i can find these colours in toronto or buffalo??


* Panzer Olive Green (Cheeks and dome)
* Boxcar Red (mandibles)
* UP Armor Yellow (Verticle stripes)
* MILW Road Orange (Verticle stripes)
* SP Lark Dark Gray 'unsure' (Gray around scratches)
* Rust (various locations)
* Chrome (scratches) I think this was actually a color called bright silver but this works best.
* Euro Dark green 'Unsure' back of helmet.
* Earth(Rangefinder ear)
* RLM Green (Left ear) 'unsure'
* PRR Green (Inside cheeks) this is practically black.
* Rock Island Maroon (Red scratches on left ear).
* Light Gray (on left ear) any light gray will do.
* PRR Maroon for the dark color on mands may need to darken this color with a touch of black I am unsure of the correct color for this at this time but this works
A lot of those colors are Floquil or Polly Scale (both owned by Testors) and can be found in larger model railroad shops. If you don't have a railroad hobby shop near you, your best bet is, or another online hobby shop. I have used for all my paints with pretty quick shipping.
You can try Niagara Hobby on Union Rd in Cheektowaga. Right of off Walden Ave. near Galleria Mall. They carry a very wide assortment of paints and hobby supplies.

Unfortunatly we Canucks are unable to get most of these colours here in Canada due to the fact the labels are printed only in English. Thanks to Pierre Trudeau all products entering Canada must be printed in both English and French. Testors does not print all there labels in both languages due to the low quantity of sales of certain colours.
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