Help with the kill stripes.....pic


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I've used the correct colors, but these just look.....too bright? Advice appreciated.
I think I read something about pastels in here before....I'll give that a try. Thanks for the compliments.....not too bad for a modified batting helmet eh?
Looks good! Did you paint the stripes on freehand, or did you use a template? This is a task i'll soon be faced with so I was hoping to glean some knowledge from the members who have already faced this obstacle.
I printed them out on cd maker paper, cut out the parts I wanted yellow with an exacto knife, and then stuck the templates on (I did 3 of em because of the curve of the dome), and brushed over that.
I did the templates from there also. Man, what a PAIN it is getting it to go around the curve!!! Even with the "cut here" marks, you still have to reposition like crazy.
:) misting should do it, looks awesome by the way!!hm, I also used TK-409's templates. curve was indeed trouble some, but it came out pretty well...
Thanks again all. I'm getting close to finishing this project and will post construction progress pics when I've finished. I'm so happy with the helm that I may be making another one. Rotj perhaps.
I just had the same problem, my friend. What I did was wad up some paper towel, dip it in water then dip it in some Orange. I basically orange washed heavily in the back then lightened up as I got towards the front. The reason for wadding up the paper is so you could actually direct the paint ONLY on the stripe and not on the rest of the helmet. I then took some Brunswick green and did the same thing to bring it down a notch. presto !

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