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Hey Fetts,

I'm having a problem. I used epoxy and glued the half of the male snaps to the inside of my armor parts. Then, I made several female ends to test them. None of them will snap into the male end. I even took an old t-shirt and built the female snap into it then tred to snap the male snap into it. It's not working! I tried to use the little tool that came with the snaps that once put together you just wack it with a hammer to put the snap together. It wasn't working well, so I just used my button maker that looks like a clamp device that you just squeeze together. That at least worked enough to make the female snap. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Could anyone tell me? Thanks.
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I can speak from experience on snaps since I've used them in both my Trooper suits and on my Boba's vest. I suspect you may have distorted the snaps when using the "squeeze" tool. You have to be careful even when using the hammer and anvil that comes with the snap kit. It is possible that you have something preventing the snap from bottoming out if there is something in the middle that is sticking up.

If you take some pics of your snaps as is I might be able to further help :)

If the little ring washer inside of the female part gets bent, it won't secure properly. Also, if you don't completely crimp the piece you are attaching to the vest itself (you can do either male or female, but I used male), it won't seat properly either. If you bought the pliers/sqeeze tool, that could be the problem. I had one and threw it away is it works like crap. The metal center punch thing and metal snap holder (not the plastic ones) are the way to go. Gotta use a hammer, but you can secure the snaps a lot better that way.

I glued half the male snap to the back of the armor parts. Then, I've been trying to make the female end pieces as a test before I put them on my vest permanently. It just doesn't seem to be working. Yes, I've been crimping the female ends with the pliers tool. The hammer method only barely crimps the metal and it doesn't look like it will hold that way.
The problem with gluing the male part to the armor is removal from the vest. Experimenting with both options, I have found gluing the female part to the armor and affixing the male part to the vest works best. Even with the best glue, if you are not careful you will pop the snap from the armor. Been there, done that. I pry mine apart with a small flathead screwdriver.

I really don't have any suggestions for you other than putting the females on the armor and the males on the vest.
It might also be that you don't have enough fabric in between the two halves of the female side - especially if you're using the heavy-duty snaps. If you don't the centre piece sticks up too far and it won't snap into the male side. Learned that one the hard way.
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