Help with ROTJ Jumpsuit color remover.


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I'm looking for some help, I have 2 sets of coveralls 100% cotton. They are light blue and I'm trying to get them as light as possible so I can dye them ROTJ grey.
I've tried to do it twice and they don't look any lighter. I tried the following..
1st time:
Filled laundry tub with hot water from my tap, just enough to cover both coveralls....added Dylon pre-color (1 small metal disk container). Stired things around and waited 30 minutes. No change to the color.......I rinsed them out and added bleach to clean water and let it sit......still no change.
Second time:
I got 5 packages of RIT color Remover and ran through the washing machine with hot water, half full of water or less, 25 mins of agitation, rinse cycle and washed with soap.......maybe a little bit lighter but almost no change.....

All I can think of is either my water isn't hot enough or if I'm not using enough RIT Color Remover. Again, they are 100% cotton and pretty much a perfect Jango color right now.
What am I doing wrong? Any Ideas?


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the dylon tin disc was for hand wash, not the washing machine.

my suit was bleached easily using the washing machine dylon pre-dye package.

but there are weight restrictions, so use one package on 1 jumpsuit.

read the instructions carefully.

that's all I can think of.


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Thanks for the reply R Boba Fett,

I did hand wash with the Dylon package my 1st try. I did it in the laundry tub (you know the big white plastic sink thing in my basement). The water was always clear, none of the color came out of the suit? Did you color bleed out of the jumpsuit right away? Was you water really hot?

The weight of my 2 suit's dry is just under 5 lbs. The Dylon didn't have great instructions but I followed them and for the the RIT dye remover (My 2nd time), I used 5 packages in the washing machine (as per the instructions??).

I think it wierd, is there something that lock the color in? Or maybe I have to use boiling water or something?

Jangos kid

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Man, that is really weird!!!! Mine is 100 % cotton, and just one package of rit color remover in the washing machine lightened the color drastically, (on cold even!!!). Are you absolutely shure its 100 % cotton????? I guess its possible that it could have been treated with something, but even so, cotton is usually very easy to work with for dyeing/bleaching etc. Wish I could be of more help, but thats very puzzling!! If you are having trouble just lightening it, I'm betting you are really gonna have a tough time dyeing it darker grey. I would try to just do one coverall at a time for starters, but keep track of exacly how you did it, so you can replicate the process for the second coverall. Only thing I can think of, is that you are trying to do too much fabric at once. Just a thought,


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hmm... the colours did "bleed" into the water kinda... looked strange.

and it became lighter by the second.

then out of the washing machien it was completly white.
difference is though, my initial colour was white, then made blue, then made white again...

hmm.... strange...

maybe take your jumpsuit to the local tailor and ask him/her about what kind of material it is and they may even have some tips.

or go to the store where you got the dylon etc, but usually that are just people doing their jobs as salesman not knowing anything about what they sell :p makes sence... with such an inquerry you need an expert...

hmm... if anything pops to mind I'll post it.


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Thanks for the suggestion Jango's Kid, I can try that too.

I called the guys at RIT and he was puzzled too. He suggested to let it sit in the solution for upto 3 hours......I'll try that but doubt it will work. He said the water from the washing machine should be hot enough. I wonder if maybe the coveralls were coated with something like scotchguard or something. They look like old mechanic coveralls so maybe...The RIT guy said his products won't work if the coveralls were chemically treated......

If it doesn't work next time, maybe I'll have to make a Jango!