Help with Right Boba Gauntlet

Jedi Bob

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I have a set of MB gauntlets that I am about to start. I have been saving the hardest parts for last.

Well the side attachment doesn't seem deep enough to cut open and run a tube through it like I have seen all of you do. Any advice? Has anyone with MB gauntlets come across this problem?

I'll be selling my completely painted,and finished ESB "MB" gauntlets in the near future if that helps. :)

I did however use extra styrene to make the whipcord housing,assuming that's the part you mean,wider.I used a BIC pen tube as the inner piece,and it all worked out fine.Using #16 acrylic glue helps as it "meld" the plastic making it super strong.I then bondo'd,and primed 'til a nice smooth surface was attained.Hope this helps.:)

You could use quikplastic and bulk it up a little. Just hollow where you need to, then build up around the edges to provide the depth you need.

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