Help with Right Boba Gauntlet

Jedi Bob

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I have a set of MB gauntlets that I am about to start. I have been saving the hardest parts for last.

Well the side attachment doesn't seem deep enough to cut open and run a tube through it like I have seen all of you do. Any advice? Has anyone with MB gauntlets come across this problem?


DL44 Blaster

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I'll be selling my completely painted,and finished ESB "MB" gauntlets in the near future if that helps. :)

I did however use extra styrene to make the whipcord housing,assuming that's the part you mean,wider.I used a BIC pen tube as the inner piece,and it all worked out fine.Using #16 acrylic glue helps as it "meld" the plastic making it super strong.I then bondo'd,and primed 'til a nice smooth surface was attained.Hope this helps.:)



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You could use quikplastic and bulk it up a little. Just hollow where you need to, then build up around the edges to provide the depth you need.