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Ive got my gauntlets but they are too big...lenghtwise, so i was wondering if i should trim them down a bit...well just the left gaunt anyway.

Also what is the best way to trim them? they are fibreglass, ive been using my dads jigsaw, but i cant get the gaunt to stay still while i try and trim the sides down, any suggestions, :confused i did look on another tread and saw some one say a dremel tool, i think my dad has one of them too...

Any help would be greatfully recieved......


1) Well it your arms are too short (or gauntlets too long) then i guess you don't really have a choice. Is the keypad a part of the gauntlet? If not then you might be able to take half-a-inch of that end too.

2) If you can find a vice and/or and extra pair of hands that would be the best way to hold the peices in place. (Or between your thigs.. but not recommended)

3) If you can find a saw or hacksaw that would be the best way to cut fibreglass. Mostly because the cut will be a lot straigther. A dremel will work to but you need a steady hand a line (and eye) to cut along.

4) Wear gloves, mask, and eye goggles. you don't want fibreglass dust in either of those areas. trust me.
Try using a junior hacksaw :)

Try using a wooden holding frame to hold it while you make your cut, you can make one yourself very easily with the minium of working skills (y)
hmm... maybe you could go for a Jango kind of look.. lose the keypad, that should help alot.

and the back of the flamethrower??

I dunno...

my dremel isn't a real dremel.. it's a Ferm... cheapo dremel... but it works fine!! highly recommend you get that tool, if your dad doesn't have one I truly recommend buying one... and safety glasses ;)
I think im just gunna cut the hole for my arm, and see if it will prevent my alcohol drinking...and if not then it should be fine!!
Callista said:
I think im just gunna cut the hole for my arm, and see if it will prevent my alcohol drinking...and if not then it should be fine!!

hehe :)

the first time i wore my stormtrooper armor out, i hadn't trimmed the forearms yet. i managed to get the helmet on some how, but couldn't bend my arms enough to get it off! i also couldn't see well enough to get the forearms off, so i had to ask for help.

eventually i got it all tuned right, so now i'm fairly comfortable in it.

i did even have a point here - and that was to say that you should try them as-is first, and then trim gradually, in very small amounts, until you get it right.

pretty much you just want to get it small enough to work, without being too small. it's easy to cut more off, it's pretty hard to put it back on ;)
i'd cut it from the back. more people are going to see the front than the back. or, more people will look at the front of the gaunt than the back. does that make sense? I would say use a dremel as well, BUT if you dont have access to one, and you are using the jigsaw, you could always drill two holes in the section where the rocket will go, screw them to a oiece of wood, or something stationary and go to work. You will need the screw holes anyway for the rocket.
I agree with Boba Noob...cut from the back and like tk 7602 says trim small quantities off at a time. You can always cut more, but adding back is a pain.

Get a dremel. You'll need it...

BTW - where did you get your gauntlets from?
Hey buddy,

I bought the same kit.
What i did was follow the line around it so that the top of it stays the same but you make it shorter at the bottom where your arm bends (does that make any sense) if not, send me a pm and ill shoot you some pictures. btw, you really need a dremmel, it took me 2 minutes to trim both gauntlets with it. if you get real stuck, pm me and ill see if i can help.
I would use a dremmel...just its my dads and hes well protective of it...well boys and their toys and all that ;) :lol: .....

Hes got it in his van all the time...he never takes it out!!!! Im going to corner him today to get it i hope...but he really doesnt trust me with it...which is true..i am very likely to chop something off....
But yeh...ill try and get if off him today!!!!
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