Help with ESB Gauntlets


Jr Hunter
Detail pictures of these "Velcro Enclosures". How the hell would you access Velcro inside the gauntlet? I have a weird feeling you need to have 8" forearms for that to work.
I 20140308_124118.jpg 20140308_120141.jpg have a set of rkd gauntlets, and I used bolts and Chicago screws to permanently attach the outside and have industrial strength Velcro to keep the inside edges closed. I used the flamethrower box and whipcord box to hide the bolts. The nice thing about ABS is that with minimal heat the curve of the bottom clam can be altered to fit flush over the top shell, putting less stress on the Velcro.
The main issue here too is what the gauntlets are made from. If they are vac formed then really anything will hold them fine. If they are resin (mine are resin tops with vacformed bottom shells) then you need something sturdier. What I've done so that I never have to worry about mine is this. The resin tops have 2 straps glued into each one. That way I strap the top to my forearm nice and tight. The bottom plastic half is just held on with magnets since it doesn't have to do anything more than hold it on, and if the plastic half get's knocked off it's very unlikely to suffer any harm from a fall. Just my 2 cents.


Jr Hunter
Disposable, that's a good point too! What material? "Essentially- how heavy?" and then the next question is "Do you even?" But, MoW... Those are gargantuan- then add a layer of Urethane or Resin for strength... You'll need something extremely secure to hold'em on. *Clears throat* Hinges.


I have to agree with that, NGTMD.

But why doesn't anybody just turn the hinges around so the central spine isn't exposed?


Active Hunter
Necro- yup, that's how you install the locking hinge. This keeps the hinge from showing, and if you provide enough pin to hang out for a handle, it inserts and pulls out easily, but will stay put when you need it to. I can see how some folks detest the things, but I like the mechanical aspect of em.