Help With Cutting LED Slots in Aluminum Armor!


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Hello Everyone!
This is one of my first posts in this forum, but I've been a member of the Replica Prop Forum for a while. There's a lot of great information here!
I just had a quick question. I recently picked up some aluminum Boba Fett Armor and now I have to cut the 2 slots for the LEDS in the left chest plate.
Does anyone know the best method/technique for doing this? Maybe a Dremel tool with an aluminum cutting wheel? I just don't want to start cutting the wrong way and ruin the armor. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas. Thanks for reading and I'll check back to read any replies.
There is no easy way to do this. The way everyone I have spoke with has had to do this, including the guy who made my aluminum armor, is with a drill and needle files. You'll need to mark exactly where you want them with either a marker or tape, drill a bunch of holes as close as possible to each other, and use the needle files to finish the job. Aluminum actually files pretty easily. It's not that hard to do, but there is no good way to fix a mistake so take your time. Dremels just have a tendency to slip and skip where you didn't want them to go.
Just like Fettish said.I did the same thing.You might be lucky enough to get a "mill" file in there to do some of the heavy work,and finish off with micro files.I got so lucky :)

Thanks guys!
I'll try to give the drilling and filing technique a shot. I'm just nervous about screwing up my armor, but I have to try sooner or later : ) Thanks for all the information!
I basically did the same thing then got impatient and tried to connect the drilled holes with my dremel and a fiber cutting disc... Big suprise... it slipped and left a few nicks and mark on the armor... :( It is a good deal of work but be patient and I think you will be VERY happy with the results the files give you.
i used a dremel the whole way. then filed. yes i did leave a few gauges and such. however. this can work to your advantage if you weather it properly.

many cutting discs will perish in the process.
I don't suppose any of you (who have done it) could post your completed work for us? I also have a set that I have putting off cutting the slots in for the same concerns......

M. 8)
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