Help with airbrush/ paint thinning


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Hello there..

I am almost ready to start painting and weathering my Fett helmet. I just bought a new airbrush, which I had never used before, but I want to do this right.
So far I think I will get the hang of it fairly quick, but my question is about thinning out the paint.
I have all the floquill and testors model masters paint colors from Lee's list. What exactly do I use to thin the paint for application? I have seen some say water and others thinner, but would like to know what will work for a fiberglass helmet and all fiberglass armor (which I am currently waiting to get from bobamaker.)
Any advice would be greatly welcomed, and TDH seems to be the place to go for this.
I just used the thinner they offered for that brand of paint, testors floquil airbrush thinner. I mixed it 2 to 1.
Be sure to post up some images of your work Darryl. :) I too am just about begin my first Fett project so would be very intested to hear how your doing with yours. Bobamaker's props are simply breath taking. I'll be sure to be ordering some parts from him soon too! (First piece I'll be working on is a MS3 helmet).
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