help w/ ammo belt


hey I was just wondering what u guys would think would be good to fill my ammo belt pouches with. My belt is homade so I only have about 4 pouches but I would like fill them with something to have to show off at shows or conventions. I was thinking I may fill one w/ spare parts and glue incase of an accident but I would like to fill the rest.
I know there's a ref shot around here showing some sort of tools that were in boba's pouches. If my memory serves me correct there was extra darts and some other random looking tools in there. If any one has the pic im talking about please post it. -TIM
The tools in the pic you are referring to were only produced for the Don Post life-sized Fett statue. As far as we know, the ammo belt pouches on the real costume didn't have anything inside and probably were glued shut.

Here is the pic from the Don Post statue:

And if you have useable pouches on your ammo belt, you could use them to hold things you actually want to carry around with you (like keys, your wallet, cell phone, etc).
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