Help: Reinforcing Techniques


any one care to share some Reinforcing techniques wif a no0b here who wans to replace the visors on a 97DP soon.

any good(easy if possible =X) refernces on metal strip reinforcing will do too!
I was afraid i would screw up so i really need a good one to boost me confidence!!

do help!
There are numerous threads and post on this subject already. We have a super duper search engine that might help you out ;)

Check out the official visor thread for additional suggestions as well.
One substitution for reinforcing is just using a heat gun etc. to heat up the helm, bend it correctly, and stick it in the freezer or cold water etc. There are quite a few threads on this, as Tylerdurden pointed out.

The most common way is to get a welding face shield visor from a safety clothing store or welding store, and cut it to size. It's fairly sturdy, but not extremely tough. Just cut it to size, and glue/screw it from behind inside your helmet.

If it's not dark enough...get some car tint, and glue it on! :)

Also, some people find thick, tinted acrylic or plexi, and they just bend it to shape and screw it in. This is VERY sturdy, as you can get very thick stuff out there. For example, Webchief did this, and he says his helmet is very tough due to this reinforcing method.

Hope that helps...if it doesn't:

And if that doesn't help...I'll have to put a bounty on your butt! ;)

haha...the bounty wun be much....3 camenian dollars for a no0b???

well thnks alot, i have some insight...but if u can, what did he use to glue the tinted acrylics?? i dun think any odd glue or even hot glue would help... 2 part epoxies??
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