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Okay, I just proved that I cannot paint worth a darn. I am going to need to hire someone here to fix up and paint my crappy recast mystery helmet. The guy wouldn't agree to return my money, so I am stuck with it now. So, I might as well make the best out of it, and try to make an ESB. So, anyone want to step up? Please PM me with prices if anyone is interested. Thanks. (BTW, I am not lazy, its just i dont want to COMPLETELY throw $185.00 down the drain).:lol:
you plan on getting the MS3 right? Well...why not just practice on this bucket (you can always resand reprimer your screw ups) Then 'hire' someone to paint the MS3.

I am doing it the other way around :p I hope by the end of this year I can do a decent paint job. In the mean time I am studing all the REF shots and having some shots printed up in close up detail.
I already have a rubies jango I am practicing on right now. Besides, I want this one to be ESB, and the MS3 might be an ROTJ. Not sure, But i dont want to make this helmet a test one, i want to make it a nice ESB.
Dude! I can't believe you never got your money back! Did you file a claim against him? You got screwed plain and simple. The helmet you recieved clearly was not what was pictured in the auction. I hope you left Neg feedback.
Come on GH make good on the deal and quit screwing people with your crap!
I am certinly getting the hang of painting the esbs, being that I have now painted two almost complete helmets... 1 complete that I wasnt happy with, and the second (posted on this section, that I am very satisfied with that will be done next weekend.

Let me know if you would like me to finish it for ya, I am in love :love with painting Fett and I am consistintly trying to outdo my self.

PM me if your interested. Not that theres a shortage of painters talent, and I give them props becase that how I have learned... from there great example! :)
To TDH member that sold you that, as Tom Cruise would say "YOUR A JERK"!:angry Hey Cookie, if no one wants to work on that for you, I'll help you with it at no charge. I can help you with the fiberglass and prep work, but you have to paint it I don't have the time for that right now. You'll need to buy the fiberglass, I'm out of it.
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