help.....need wookie scalp length

Boba Freekk

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i just need a general length.i need to pick up some prebraided hair before friday and im all ready for halloween.any help would be appreciated.
Well, the general length you are looking for would be based on your build and height. The scalps need to be proportionate to the rest of YOUR body, or they wont look right. I would suggest looking at fett pics on the ref. cd to see about where they fall lengthwise on him, then measure to that spot on your body. Hope that helps, and if it didnt make sense please feel free to PM me.
was gonna say the same thing, i just have mine come down to about lower torso, will post pics this has been an upgrade, and havnt taken any pics yet
12"? I am referring to total length, end to end. They need to be long enough to go over your shoulder and down the other side, and then a little past your waist. 12" would be about enough to go from your waist to armpit on one side.
And also if you are braiding your own remember to start out with about 48" as you will lose about 12" from braiding them.
I've looked around a few crafts stores (Michael's, AC Moore, Joann's and Wal-Mart) and haven't been able to find long braid or unbraided hair. All I found was backs of short curls. Anyone know of an online supplier or website to get hair from? I was thinking about buying 3 different colored wigs at halloween and using those but ran out of money while working on my jedi costume.

bh-7603 wrote:

wait....mine only go down the front.....but since mine are padawan braids i guess thats ok

So you go for the easy pickings eh? I guess when you're not Boba Fett you have to take what you can get. *tease*
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