Help! need to build gauntlets before C3!


Hey everyone,
I just bought a Ruffkintoy gauntlet kit and have no idea how to build it. Does anyone have any step by step ideas ( would help a lot!!) Thanks, God bless!
yeah, me too, weve got 8 days to build them, and I have no idea where the big gun on the left gauntelt attaches, and how does the barrels attach to them?!
Ya .... me 3 . I trimmed them a bit , but what's next ? I understand it is a good idea to wash them with mild soapy water first . What primer should we use ? And what paint colors? Hope this can be done with spray cans . I dont have an air brush .So what's next guys ? They seem a little thin . What is the best way to beef them up . I used truckbed liner on some armor and it made the styrene very soft so I am afraid to use it on the gaunt kit .

I'll try to help but not sure you can rush these to get them done. There is a lot of painting and glue involved. It took me a long time to get all the right items. Here are some old photos of mine. I have made some additions and weather to them since they were taken.



Most of the switches and electonic parts if you want to add them came from Radio Shack. Used dowels to attach the gauntlet hoses and some air compressor parts for the connectors to the gauntlets. Exact part numbers were in another thread on the forums somewhere.
I know the ruffkin kits ar a lot nicer but you might be able to use this a a basic reference.
Here is an idea for connectors . Also I have added the small tube ( which will be painted to match the Guant ) to the connector that runs along the right gauntlet .Most parts were bought at Home Depot .PM me if you need more details . I will run a 1/4 wood dowel through each to hold the hose . As for the hose which connects to the top of the gaunt ( that big resin block thingy ) I will just tap and thread into it cut a piece of 1/4 threaded rod and put some LocTite or adheasive on it a screw it in .




Kudos to everyone for their great help! I got most of my "ingredients" At Home Depot and Wal-Mart yesterday after several hours of shopping and too much money spent, alas I can take a bunch of it back. I hope they will look good though! I will post in process photos if people are interested, maybe that will help someone down the road who is new to gauntlet making (if I don't royally screw it up, that is!) Take care all, God bless!
Hey gang! Got them finished (first stage, bare bones, but worked well) for C3! It was a lot of fun putting them together! Any beginners that need guidance, give me a PM!
I found them through ruffkintoy. Give him a PM I guess.
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