HELP! Need gun....


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Hello all. I have recently purchased a Cushman Paintball MG-42 and it is UTTER SHOD. I need an MG-42 or MG-34 in resin or something that isn't shoddy. Does anyone know where I could find something like this for less then or around $150 or so?


I need all the help I can get.
Sorry, bro. I was considering buying from them sometime, but now I'll probably take my business elsewhere. Hope you find something good this time!

Thank you, you did a good job. But those are the ones I already own and stated in my first post are CRAP. I'm still looking x.x
I didn't bother to take pics of it. I'm doing my best to salvage it for a friend to use for the suit I'm making for him. It was a four part vacu-formed kit that your supposed to overlap and glue. My biggest problem with the said kit is it has NO details! Its a big black plastic gun shaped blank. Very ugly and not hardly worth the time to mess with.:cry
I had found that Cushmans store a few weeks ago and I'm glad now that I passed them by! I already have two sets of custom hand-blasters but finding a suitable long blaster that's affordable is what I'm having difficulty finding...I made my hand blasters from a pair of Nerf foam/suction cup shooting pistols after seeing several other great customs made from the Nerf base. Now I just need to find a cheap and accurate Verpine Shattergun pistol or two and Shattergun rifle and I'll be happy...

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