Help: How to repair a broken codpiece


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While trooping yesterday the front part of my codpiece broke. Now I am pondering how to fix it.
It`s vacformed abs.

Two ideas that came to mind:

-use fibreglass / gfk to bridge the break inside (=> will this stick to the abs ?)
-use gfk matting soaked with E6000

Are those methods viable ? Are there other methods ?

Thanks for any help :)


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You could use acetone and scraps abs trimmings to make a paste to fuse. Then reinforce w/ fiberglass

Jangos kid

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I've tried fiberglass a number of times. It usually works for a bit, sooner or later, seems like it always pulls loose. The paste idea seems worth a try!!!


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Paste and some sort of backing plate to help reinforce the area. Once its split it’s always gonna be a weak point. I like using MKE or some similar plastic welder