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I am in the process of receiving a JD "kit" from one of other members. In preparation for its arrival I am checking up on prep work and other things that I need to be privvy to.

Here are my questions:

1.) What does MSH stand for?
2.) What are the differences between MSH and JD
3.) What kind of foam is suggested for the padding on the interrior?
4.) Can someone PM or E-mail me the colors I need to make a good ROTJ Fett Helmet?

Thanks in advance, I can't wait to get this thing under way.

Unless this is some other JD or he has a Boba helmet I didn't know about, it's gonna be tough to make that into a Boba Helmet since it is a Jango Helmet and has no dent in it and the right earpiece is different.

If that is the case, what all would I have to go thru aside from creating the dent and aquiring the correct earpieces?
If its more than that I think I might have problems...
Would it be possible to get the correct ear pieces and have them match up with the helmet?

Thanks for the heads-up.
I'd ask JD himself.

As far as differences between his kits and the Movie Sized Helmets, I have never personally seen the two side-by-side but, as Mirax mentioned, I believe JD's helmets are Jango-style (i.e. no dent) so the differences are probably numerous.

Do a little strolling around in the Helmet forum for padding/lining suggestions. Most people use either foam padding or hardhat liners.

Rogue Studios has a paint list in the Helmet forum as well.
OK, I'll do that. Thank you for the input. Also, I wear a
7 1/4 fitted hat size...not too big...will I have problems with this thing fitting my noggin?

Thanks again
Well, JD could answer this better than I, but knowing a bunch about his helmet, I might be able to clear some things up.

I can tell you that he has taken great pains to make his helmet definately Jango and not Boba.

The right earpieces (the ones the hold the range finder) are two sepearte pieces and can be attached to match either Jango or Boba.

The dent could be added fairly easily by cutting a hole in the helmet and sculpting in the dent. Apoxie sculpt is a good product that would work well, but you could add the dent a hundred different ways.

As far as the size, you should have no problem wearing JD's helmet. I, on the other hand, have a head like a pumpkin and can get it on my head, but it squishes my nose.

For padding, I think JD just has a ring of foam inside the top of the bucket.

Hope some of this helps...
mobius.....that is AWESOME! Please put me on the list for your tutorial on the interior.

I have been searching for the definative color scheme info on the board and found a LONG thread, but it appeared to be mostly for the ESB scheme, so I am off to continue my search. Any help would be appreciated.

Weasleflinger just alerted me to this thread. First off, when I built the model for this, I used only Jango referances. I have found many differences between Boba's and Jango's helmets, aside from the dent and earcap placement. Most are subtle, and would go un-noticed by the casual observer, however, for doing Boba, there are more suitable helmets to start with. From all the Boba helmets I've seen displayed on this forum, I have a preferance for the mystry helmet. There are also plenty of members getting Boba helmets to fill the dent to make it a Jango. Maybe you could trade with someone.

You could also make an ep 3.5 Boba(before he gets his dent) :D

...Or maybe this was a sign that you were ment to be Jango. :lol:
You could also make an ep 3.5 Boba(before he gets his dent) ;-)

I will apologize for all of the questions now..:o

Here is what I am thinking:
I have access to TONS of Bondo and a good sized shop to do most of my work in. I also have some left-over FG resin and cloth. With what I have, I *think* I can get this back to a Boba Helmet without TOO many problems.

Here are the differences as far as I can tell:
+ a dent.
modify ear pieces (not sure how yet...)
+ right cheek greeblie.
If this is feasable JD let me know please. I finally have the funds for this and I really want to get started. Also, if anyone could PM me any more differences so I can get my ducks in a row, I'd apprecaite it as well.

Thanks again all of you for your help.
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