Help a cotuming noob out --- PLEASE!?!?!?!

Fett Fans...
Can you help a costuming wanna-be-custom-Mandalorian-design newbie out?

I have been trying to use the search feature here on TDH and can't seem to come up with the right search words because I'm just not finding an answer to this question.

Basically - I have utilized the wonderful world of ebay and came up semi-screwed. I aquired a DP97 helmet thinking (based on the pics) it was a 96. Not in bad form overall --- the face portion needs to be expanded (if my understanding is correct I can put it in boiling water and then stretch it and let it reform with something inside to keep it's shape stretched out as it cools, right?), the dent filled in (for the purposes of my custom design idea), sanded, primed, painted, the new full length T-visor installed, etc...

But the bothersome thing I need the most help with is the flathead syndrome I've noticed looking at a 95 compared to a 97. I'd like to put a trimmed hardhat in there for head stability while wearing the thing, but with that flathead there is no way it'll fit/work.

So the question quite obviously is: HOW do I turn Mr. DP97 Flathead into a Mr. DP97 Roundhead? Is it even possible? What's the secret? Do I need to saw my cranium off and flatten it to fit the helmet? Should I scrap the whole thing and take the dive for a more expensive 95 or 95 replica? What is answer to life the universe and everything if it isn't 42?

Thanks for the assistance in advance to all who can help!
Oh - feel free to e-mail me info too if it's way too much or too complex for a forum posting. jvance @ jamesvance . com
I had a 97 that I rounded out on top by heating it with a heat gun, stuffing the inside with towels, then dipping it in cold water to "freeze" it into shape. While it didn't get perfectly round, it did improve it. The one catch is to never let it get hot again or the plastic will possibly "remember" its original shape and flatten again.
Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions! I'll have to see what I can do to make this thing a functional helm... or worst case scenario I guess maybe a practice lid for future paint schemes and such.
I used the "hardhat" Idea for my Jango Helmet, and it is a '97 DP Fett Helmet. What I did was remove the head restraint system from the hardhat itself. It was easy to do with the one I had, there there little slots in the helmet that held it in place. SO, I slid it out, bought some Goop glue, and put the restraint in the helmet and glued it down everywhere it contacted the helmet. It holds pretty well and works great. In doing so, I have not needed to modify the dome any, even though a more rounder dome is more accurate.
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