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Hey guys,
This is my first post on the site so bare with me, I need some advice on helmet sizing

I'm currently in the process of collecting materials to start the process of building my first proper Boba Fett helmet. I did build a Mando style helmet around a year ago but things got a bit rushed and went a bit sideways towards the end. This time around i am able to take my time and have more funds to gather some better materials to help run the process along.
Basically I have a little above average sized head so I'm just wondering if you guys reckon i'd need to resize my templates in order for the helmet to fit properly.
My head circumference is roughly 60cm
Usually a large or extra large sized bicycle helmet



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I'm pretty much in the same boat as you when it comes to head size. I bought my ROTJ helmet from Wasted Fett. He makes and sells the FPH2 helmets in ESB and ROTJ.
His helmets are good size, he makes a quality product, and he's a pretty cool guy to deal with...
Good Luck on Your Build !!


It also depends on your overall height as well. Slightly above average probably means you're fine for the majority of helmets, although height and weight will also factor into what suits you best.