Helmet "Mole"?


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If you are talking about the piece on the right cheek. (I have dial-up @ work and high rez images take weeks to load...) That is the DATA PORT...actual part: Borden Connector. If I am wrong, I will re-read and edit my post....I hate dial-up.

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Yeah, it's called a Borden connector. It's part of a dental tool. You can order them online.



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According to TK409's website helmet measurements,
the "Mole" is 9mm diameter for those that were also interested in the answer.


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Thought I would revive(sp) this thread and show off what I got in the mail today..:)
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I don't have an actual borden connector, but I just checked mine off of my M_S1 and it in fact reads 9MM (11/32"...just under 3/8").

Hope it helps...