Helmet from scratch..


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Yeah.. I gave up trying to find exactly what I was looking for.. and after finishing my first custom Mando helmet and being rather displeased with it, I decided to go a whole different direction.

I'm going to be doing a Mandalorian-esque helmet.. similar, but still rather different. Tried to think of any possible way I could get an existing helmet to do what I wanted.. and have concluded that THAT's not an option.

So I'm wanting to make one from scratch. I'm sure there are some of you out there who have tackled such a project.. I've seen some really kickass stuff out there..

So.. any pointers? suggestions? do's and don'ts? Or.. if anyone knows any good links that would send me in the right direction, that'd be great as well.. I'm sure there's a ton of people asking questions like this..

Anyway.. thanks!



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Welcome to TDH. You may want to introduce yourself before diving in head first! Check out the prop building methods and techniques section for pointers on scratch building. Also try the search function with "scratch build" as a key word and you will get some great results.

THere are some awesome scratch built helmets here.

Good luck



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Check out the helmet section as well...there were about 3-4 threads in there about "scratch built helmets"


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im currently working on one. i have some of the peices cut out already. I havnt made too much progress yet. but i will soon. i should be posting some pics of the right ear piece later today. kinda forgot to take pics of the first few steps of it but ill post what i have so far. Im working on the ears first then the going to the rest of the helmet. first time building anything so im practicing on the ears first. look for my thread later today.