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Ok, so I'm going to paint my next helmet. I'm planning on doing a prePro2 costume. I just finished my test helmet. Thing is, the helmet I am going to paint as my "main" helmet is a Terminal Fettler ESB helmet. Do you all think that will be a problem in regards to the flare of the helmet? I know ESB seems to be more flared then ROTJ and I think its the case with PrePro2 too. What do you guys think? Would an ESB shaped helmet look alright painted PrePro 2? Let me know what you think!

Well, Im just going off of what Ive seen as fr as the pre-pro and the ESB flare, but I think they are pretty much the same with the exception of the paint job. I could be wrong, but thats what I think.

First off Yes. I don't think many people have thought about the differences in shape between the helmets, and if there is much. However, I think it will look fine as there are people who have done these kinds of paint jobs on helmets already here and nothing looks odd

I believe the ESB has the mosr flare compared to the rotj and so forth. I may be wrong but a few years we had a comparison thread of various helmets and I remember the ESB helmet having the broadest look to it.
That has been one of the longest discussions here at TDH.

I believe all the movie-helmets and Prepro versions come from the same molds. After photographing quite a few different helmets i know understand and see how different they all can look even if it´s the same helmet when zoomed in or out with the camera. The distance from the helmet when photographing is also a factor on how the helmet can look. Not to mention the angle. Maybe Tyler Durden could chime in on this?
It has a lot to do with visor installation.
The ROTJ helmet has the visor pretty much parallel where as the ESB helmet is a little wider at the bottom. This pushes out the sides of the mandibles just a bit which makes it look like it has way more flare.
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