Helmet Fan Systems


I thought I'd post here for those interested in my fan systems for your helmet. I have duel fan system for my helmet and thought I'd start making them for those who are in need of one. It consists of 2 fans, a battery pack and a few extras I made for mine. I added a helmet on/ off switch and a DC quick connect. My battery pack is in my Jetpack and powers my fans. I have a 12v system in my helmet but also offer the 5v system with a more compact battery pack.

IMG_6855.JPG IMG_6856.JPG IMG_6857.JPG IMG_6858.JPG IMG_6859.JPG IMG_6860.JPG IMG_6861.JPG IMG_6862.JPG

Prices start at $45 and go up. I can do custom systems for your specific needs. Here is the link to the cargo hold for all the info on the systems.

For Sale - Fan Systems Ongoing Run

Also for those interested in my specific build and power arrangement, here is the link to that:

Jetpack Fan System
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