Helmet confirmations

Hello all,

Just found this web page the other day and to say theres a bounty's worth of reading is an undertstatement! I have been using the search engine but wanted to double check some things:

First, a DP95 is pretty much the best CHEAP helmet? I got one in Dec 95. Stripped and repainted it, but After seeing Mobius' in another thread, THATS how I want mine to look!!

Second, The best way to paint the armor is to give it a good base of Rub and Buff chrome? Where do I find it? It works on the vynil DP helmet?(can't afford a Mystery at this time).

Speaking of metal base coats, has anyone trid a metal paint called Alcad?

And finally, I would like to do a Jango helmet just to put it next to my BF. Would one of the current off the shelf helmets do-just to display one(repainted of course)?

General info:

Built my BF armor in 99, using info from the Build Your Own Boba Fett page. Made from mostly vacformed styrene. Jumpsuit made by a woman I work with(she's so cool, she made it for free using a pattern for work coveralls) Don't have the build to wear it. will try to attach a picture. Have a mannequin to display it on and want to restore it using the info at this site.
I think I can answer some of your questions.

Yes a DP 95 is a very good "cheap" helmet. But with some of the newer fan made helmets out there some of them are only in the $100-$200 range (which once you do this for a while will become cheap to you). If you alreday have one it is a good place to start.

As for Rub-and-buff as a good base coat I don't know how well it holds other paints besides just simple acrilic weathering. You may want to use like a metalic spray paint as a base coat or even one of the testors silver paints.

And if you are using a DP helmet as a Boba I don't see why the "off the shelf" version of the Jango wouldn't work. Now Rubies has had some very bad quality issues with warping, you may want to invest into a DP 96 or another DP 95 and just fill in the dent and then repaint it.
Actually, I just need to redo my paint job.






These are the pictures I took as soon as I finished the armor.
Got it at a comic/game shop in Ames Iowa called Mayhem.

I went in and saw it. Had never seen a Fett helmet before. Thought about bying it, but thought the paint job sucked. Knew I could do a better job of painting it(I do do models, and own an airbrush). BUT, Put it back. It nagged on my mind all night. Went back the next day and bought it.

Stripped it with Dio sol. I have old pictures of that somewhere. Funny thing was, the buddy who was with me when I bought it said you don't have much more to go to make an entire costume. That was Dec 1995

Jan 99 I was searching the net for a decant X-wing pilot helmet, and came across the Build your own Boba Fett site. Bought a few pices at a time and slowly built it through Oct 99. This is a buddy of mine wearing it. I'm a bit too plump to wear it.
You have a really good head start there, unfortunately this stuff is addictive, don't be suprised if the repainting of your helmet isn't the tip of the iceburg :p As for painting over rub-n-buf, I don't think it will take paint. It's a wax based material and the paint may just bead up. I've used chrome spray paints before, the silver on Boba's armor isn't all that shiney anyhow. If your seeking paint and colors, look up Rouge Studio's threads on proper paint and paint colors, he has them listed. The colors won't look right straight out of the jar, but are built up with layers of black mists to weather everything. Good luck :D
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