Hello all! Newbie starting a Jango!


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Hey all! just wanted to introduce myself! I'll be starting a Jango Fett this summer and would love any help on finding some accurate armor parts!

Welcome! I would start with buying the Ref CD from the front page. It is great. Then use the search button and read as much as you can.
Welcome...and don't believe anything Jango_Newbie says about me!:lol:
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Dude ... glad to see ya on here! Go ahead and drop me a PM if I can help ya with anything.

Oh yeah ... don't forget: Chuck Norris doesn't do push-ups ... he only pushes the Earth down!!!!!
Nice to see another up and coming fett head!

The only advise i can give frm my experience;

View all ur options and do ur research before buying or plunging anything...

Preserverance prevails!
Welcome aboard!
Once you learn all the acronyms for the makers of the Jango parts (BKBT,FP,BM,DS,WB,MLC,JD...) you'll be half way there!

Huh, I just realised I dont know what MLC stands for....other than THE stubby jet pack!

Anyhoo, all the Jango advice you need is here, just ask & all will be revealed.

Cheers Jono!
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