Havoc's ROTJ scratchbuild WIP pics


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Havoc's ROTJ scratchbuild finished. New pics

Finally got around to posting pics! Here's the work in progress of my ROTJ Fett blaster. I started off with a 2" barrel, a scope off ebay and a stock I made from maple.


Next I made the receiver and grip

After this I reaslised I had made front of the barrel too fat so rebuilt the front end adding home made fins and the muzzle which I turned on a lathe.

Finally, I added the details and greeblies and re-worked the scope mounts (made from an old aluminium ruler) and gave it a coat of primer.

I'm about to start the painting/weathering so I'll post more updates soon.

Really pleased with it so far. Can't wait to get it finished.

Special thanks go to wizardofflight for his Webley plans, without which I wouldn't have managed this and to Sidewinder for the barrel fin dimensions.
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Holy Sh..weet:eek: I'll but it from you for...hum...let me see what's in my wallet here...um...5 dollars?:lol: j/k. Awsome work! Sweet idea on the scope mounts, I'm gonna have to try that.

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deadbolt said:
Holy Sh..weet:eek: I'll but it from you for...hum...let me see what's in my wallet here...um...5 dollars?:lol: j/k. Awsome work! Sweet idea on the scope mounts, I'm gonna have to try that.

-Carson [XthreeXstrikesX]

Hands off dude, Havoc is doing an amazing job making that for me!!!! Has anyone seen such a work of art like it before?!! I cant wait to troop with it!!!
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Hi Alex! It's all sprayed up black now. I think the weathering is gonna be the scariest/hardest part but I've asked the UKG's master prop builder Snoman for advice as he's done one before.

If I didn't see the progress right before my very eyes, I would have thought it was a casting off the real deal man :cheers

Fan-freakin-tastic scratchbuild !!!

Finished the paint job. I had real problems taking pics - it looks bright orange (like the first pic) most of the time. The actual thing is NOT that orange! It's much blacker, but these were the best pics that my camera didn't erase (I need a new one!). The last one is the best indicator of the actual colour of the blaster.


I sprayed the gun satin black, then weathered it using stippled/dry-brushed artists acrylic paints (mixing burnt sienna, yellow ochre and various greys if you're interested) and also some gun metal acrylic model paint.

Although it looks a bit glossy in the last picture, again it isn't in real life. The acrylics have given it a slight sheen, somewhere between matt and satin, which is exactly what I was after. I used the Boston exhibition pics posted on this forum as a guide.
Hmm... I dunno. You might just want to give it to me for the price of gratis. Just kidding it looks amazing, one of the best I have seen to date.
How many hours? Trying not to think about that!

It's really hard to guess. This has taken me ages - I'd spend a couple of lunch-breaks at work on one bit, then kind of put it on the back burner while I figured out how to do/what to use for the next bit.

The painting probably took about 6 hours (not including drying time) as I kept fiddling and re-doing bits til I was happy.

I might do another one in the future (this one has gone to Fettishist), then I'll actually add up the hours taken to make it. The next one won't take as long though as I've already done all the research and have a much better idea of how to go about it.

P.S. I cheated on the grip...I tried making it myself twice, but the materials I used wouldn't allow me to replicate the grip pattern without the surface falling apart, so I managed to source a resin one.

You did a fantastic job!! Now that you have use the Webley drawings is there anything that can do to make the drawings better or easier to use? Did you find anything wrong with the drawings?

I am working on drawings of the detail parts for both the ESB and ROTJ versions so if there is anything that I need to add to the drawings please let me know. That goes for everybody please feel free to tell me what you want to see in the drawings.

I am always looking to make my drawings better so any feedback would be great.

Again GREAT work.

The only problem I had was printing it out at the right scale, so maybe you could add a scale in the corner of each drawing.

In the end, I compared all the webley/blaster measurements I could find and kept doing test prints of the stock until it matched my measurements (ended up printing at 58% of full size which seemed about right. The resin grip fitted, so I can't have been far wrong).

Other than that, the drawings were invaluable and easy to use, even the more complex shapes were ok as you'd done parts in different colours which helped a lot.

There were no moving parts on this blaster, but I'm sure if I had the engineering skills or even just the right materials , I could have had a working hammer and trigger working from these drawings.

Hats off to you Alan.
Hi all, just had to post- got that very blaster from Havoc on Sat, and WOW!!! I cant thank him enough, it truly is a work of art!! Took it with me to the london expo and amazed the troopers that were there!! A Boba there was so jealous, and thought it was the real deal too!! Nice one Si, will be in touch soon, as I think you'll have another order on your hands soon mate!!! Thanks again my friend, and see you soon buddy-next weekend in fact!!
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