Hasbro site -Mcquarrie snowtrooper

Hasbro's site still has Mcquarrie snowtroopers available, at $6.99. Hope there are some left when I get home from work.
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Not even pre-order.......just coming soon. Sorry guys, I got all excited especially after seeing the threads on the beautiful McQ Stormy helmet by SGB that is in development. Keep an eye on it. Rats!!
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i found the Fett at my local grocery store. All white unsure if i like it but the stormtrooper with the sheild very cool.
I've checked the Hasbro site Everyday...
It still say's coming soon...
Were they For Sale over the Weekend?
When do they usually update their stuff? (Mon-Fri)?


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I found a Snowtrooper at my local walmart today. I've got it for sale on ebay right now if you guys are interested. BrianTheSith is the user name.
Scalping is cool.

You might try posting this over at Rebelscum.com... a lot of those guys might be interested in the McSnowie.