Has anyone ever noticed the FUNCTIONAL hooks on Fett\'s JP?

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Has anyone ever noticed the FUNCTIONAL hooks on Fett's JP?

Well the PrePro pack anyway. I had never noticed this before.

Check it out:



I found that quite interesting. The ESB jet pack also appears to have a functional "rocket" tip, as well.
Fettcicle has those on his Pre-pro costume. He actually went as far as hooking up hydraulics in them with a remote control so that he can open and close them with the flip of a switch. This is another reason why his jet pack weighs 35 lbs.
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Why does that not surprise me!!

Man, now I need a 35 lb jet pack for my ESB... sigh

Oh Fettcicle.....
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There are production sketches of the white concept costume with Fett crouching, and the hooks extended on the rocket.

They are visible in the lucasfilm archive book, Starwars/Indianajones...

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wow - I'm a bit surprised that this hasn't been seen before. This is supposed to be the grappling hook instead of a missile warhead tight? A giant missile seems a little over the top sometimes. But it also seems a bit silly to have an archaic grappling hook when you have thrusters just below it.
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Phil, I know the Prepro sketches did feature the extended hook, but I had no idea it was ever realized on the costume--and even less on the ESB, ARGH!

HS, on the ESB pull out poster from SW Galaxies #1, the "missle" is referred to as a "turbo-projected magnetic grappling hook with a 20-meter lanyard." So yeah, I have to agree it seems a bit odd to have a grappling hook when you have a flying jet pack, unless he gets really crumby gas mileage on the thing...
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Yeah, I noticed that a while ago way back in the day when I was a lonely little jet pack maker :lol: If you look at the pic of the rocket, there is a series of pits around the top on either side of the fins, I thought those might have been where the pins were inserted for the hinge on the fins. There is another picture in the chronicles where it looks like there is a cylinder on the bottom of the warhead before it is slid into the larger cone of the jet pack. While in an intense debate :rolleyes a fellow member and I thought it might have been an air cylinder, and the hookups located on the bottom of the pre-pro jet pack for air lines mught have ben actually functional. An airline could have been hooked up to the jet pack and operated off camera enabling the fins to move up or down. Who knows :D
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I fashioned my "fins" out of aluminum,and fastened them to my "grappling hook" top just as in the bottom photo.The more metal the better ;) I always liked the grappling hook idea more than a missle for some reason,and the Chronicles pics really helped me make my decision on which to do.I thought that this was common knowledge for most "old timers". :)

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I never really paid much attention to JP, as I was never at the point where I had concern myself with its details. Maybe because I had my head stuck so far up my helmet... :lol:

That's one of those "doh!" misses. ;)
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I noticed the vintage 12" boba fett toy has those on his jet pack. and that toy is the same color scheme as the pre pro, well a maroon gauntlet, and a yellow gauntlet. but I thought that was kinda weird, I always wondered that....:rolleyes....makes sense now I guess
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I just posted pics for Hand Schaub from Chronicles depicting the removable rocket top. They have shots of the fins, so you can check em out there too. I never knew you added this feature onto your pack Fettcicle. That is too cool. I must see a demonstration at D*con!
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Yea I noticed them a while ago since I spent a lot of time looking at pre-pro pics (have a pre-pro costume so it makes sense) I just didn't mention it since I figured everyone knew.
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