Has anyone allready done this helmet idea?


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Hi people,
I'm still a newbie to TDH but I would like to solicit some advice you lot. I was wondering if anyone has made a Boba helmet in a post sarlacc form? As in, just-blew-it-up-and-now-lying-in-the-dune-sea kind of thing.

From what I remember of the Bounty Hunter Wars (and please correct me if i'm wrong) , Fett's helmet was still functional and he continued to wear it for a while, unlike the majority of his armour which was useless.

My question is two part;

1) Has anyone made one of these before? (i.e. with extensive acid scarring etc...)
2) Are there any illustrations out there in comics/fan fiction that anyone knows about that I could use as some kind of reference.

Cheers in advance.
I haven't seen one here on TDH, and I don't think Boba emerging from the Sarlacc was ever covered in anything other then the novels.

Would be bad *** though.
I thought it would look pretty sweet too, maybe I'll look into examples of the effect acid can have on metal... and the mind! Mwuh hah hah hah! Thanks man.
It isn't really that damaged, acid or otherwise, just the normal Fett, but here's an Unleashed figure of him fighting the Sarlacc;

ADD: Here's an artists rendition of Boba fighting the Sarlacc

They don't show ot much damage, but I think this would be a great project. Go for it!
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Thanks all, and cheers to Toragh. Well that settles it, I'll start right away. I might actually do the full armour set complete with gaping holes and melted gadgets :lol:
I can't remember which book it was in, but in one of them Dengar asked Fett if he showed the person he was talking to his "sarlacc scars". Logically, in my mind, for there to be scarification to the face, the helm had to at least take *some* damage. Creative license will rock in this one, I think.
If you decide to do the whole set, the Unleash Figure's Jet Pack has the gash in it from Han. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone. I'm not by my collection right now.
Hi again people, I've finally gotten around to starting this project (base colours done) but I've refrained from starting the extreme-weathering required because I'm still looking for some nice reference pics. I hear that the post-sarlacc Fett plays a prominent part in the Dark Empire comics, I've not read them and have only seen 1 picture from it which was small, 'zoomed in' on his visor and uncoloured - not too helpful in other words. Does anyone have these comics and have nice picture that they'd be kind enough to show me? Thanks in advance.
You may be able to find the comics for download on a torrent site, but I don't think we are allowed to talk about that kind of stuff here.

I was wrong about the Unleash Fett Jet Pack, but I know I've seen some figure with the scarred pack somewhere... Good luck!
Yeah I checked out a few figures but I couldn’t find any gash on the jet pack either, anyway thanks for the tip askywalker98 I'll keep looking ( also, I have no idea what you were talking about with the whole comic suggestion, talk some sense man ;) ) So, at the moment I'm thinking I'll just go with whatever I think looks good, the nice thing about it is I can cover any paint bleed on the base colours with weathering - It's win win.

Anywho, can't stop here in bat country. Will post pics when significant progress has been made.
I believe a member here made a damaged Fett Jet Pack a long while back. It may be in the Jet Pack section, not sure. I remember seeing it a long time ago. Good luck finding those comics, and I was talking about downloading them, but that may not be so legal and what not, so maybe we should stay away from that.
I know what you meant! Subtly man, subtly. Ok, I’ll go for a swim in the Jet Pack archives then and see if I can find the one you mean. Thanks
That is TOO COOL! It's exactly the sort of thing I am doing on the range finder and one of the ears - except mine will be a burnt/melted look - with the wiring visible. Thanks askywalker98.
To answer your question about the post Sarlac Fett. None of the comic books had Boba in any diffrent armor then he was seen in the movies. More or less I think they assumed Boba had multiple sets of armor, so the set ruined by the Sarlac would of been discarded. So blame lazy artist, but the only comic that had grown up Boba in anything besides his regular looking armor was Twin Engines of Destruction. And that just had Fett walking around in cloths all bandaged up.

So I guess the good news is you can go as wild as you want(y), just won't have an pre published references
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I like the idea with the wiring, that will come out very nicely. Are you planning on having any of the internal parts showing through holes or whatever you decide to do on the helmet? Like if you have seen the inside of the Riddle Fett Helmet, or MarrowSun did a few runs of the real interior done life size cast in foam. Maybe I can dig up some of those pictures as well. A friend of mine was trying to buy something from MS since before Christmas, but MS has been very busy, so I'm not sure if you will be able to get the interior from him. You could always make it yourself though!

Not sure if you know this, but the keyholes are supposed to have a computer board behind them, as used on the real bucket. Maybe you could find this computer board (I've seen it cast in resin before) and reveal some of that? I'll try and find pictures for you...

EDIT: Alas, here is the keyslots Board: http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/showthread.php?t=4206&highlight=Circuit+Board]


Now to find MS's interior Details...

EDIT 2.0: I guess it's good I'm bored, here's the helmet interior! Man I love the TDH Search Function!


Enjoy bro! Making it look really functional and everything (inside and out) would be really cool. If you put a servo in there for the RF, it would be really neat if it didn't work right, like it would only go up half way, then go up all the way. Just ideas to throw around.

Are you doing lights? If you did them and they were fizzled that would be cool. Not sure how to do all that. Good luck!
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