Hand-Schaub aluminum helmet a go - commitment list

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Hand-Schaub aluminum helmet a go - FINAL CALL!

Okay - So the Aluminum helmet is a go again due to enough interest.

Please post a confirmation - * = deposits paid

1. Myself - Hand-Schaub (Boba)*
2. Mandocommando (Boba)*
3. Lotek (Boba)
4. TK7602 (Boba)*
5. Galactic Bounty Hunter (Jango)*
6. Laan (Jango)*
7. Vaders Pet (custom)
8. Tomtav (Jango)*
9. [Aeria-Gloris] (Jango)*
10. off-board (Jango)*
11. mbmcfarland (Boba)*
12. opiate (Jango)*
13. Napalm (Boba)*
14. Squirk?

please let me know your interest... priceline - $550
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I'd definately be in for a Jango, but I won't have that much cash in a lump sum until late February. :facepalm If it would be doable for you to hold onto one till then, I'd commit.

Hand Schaub

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Here is some more info on the helmets as per an interest thread:
Interest thread

Here is a thread on the casting process (the one shown was based on a DP delux)
DP casting process

I'm looking for any old threads that show the original sculpts but they seem to not be around anymore. But to answer the uestion again, yes, it is my sculpt. It compares nicely to the MSH but I remind everybody that each of these go through a lot of work and each should be considered more of art than a simple raw casting (what I mean is that each has a bit of it's own personality)
The differences in Boba and Jango are achieved with maipulation of the wax casting. In the interest thread you will see the Boba in raw form and a picture of my complete Jango helmet. They both came from the same wax casting. The origianl was sculpted more true to Boba though.
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Hand Schaub

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Due to the high produciton costs I would require a down payment of $250 before I do any casting... I hate taking money up front but I do nothave several thousand dollars laying around to front inital costs. This will hold the helmet for you.


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I'm the proud owner of one of these fine helmets, and I have to say that it is a true work of art. Anyone thinking about this should jump on this opportunity.

For all those questions about size, I hope Brian doesn't mind me answering them, since I own several different fett helmets. The helmet is a little larger than a Mystery helmet, but not huge like the MLC1. It's most similar in size to the MSH2. It's not quite as tall in the dome as a MSH2, but is slightly deeper front to back (the MSH2 is somewhat squished front to back).

Hope this helps.



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i'm in. if there's still a space for me when you see this, i'll do it. i'll send the deposit as soon as i get a GO! from you!

if it's too big, it will be a killer display piece.

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Do you have pictures of the ESB Fett?

Here is the last one I did which I made for my ESB. I sold it about a year ago to somebody here I think.

bobasale 001.jpg

bobasale 002.jpg

bobasale 003.jpg

bobasale 005.jpg

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Additionally here is a few comparrison shot I was provided with. If the owner of these is not comfortable with me posting this please contact me and they will be removed. Shown is MSH2 by Fettpride and metal helmet. Remeber the metal one is a Jango so the length was intentional. The Boba can be made more flat backed which in turn influences the dome and front angles a bit.


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I will cast waxes this week. The wax casting process is the toughest part in my opinion. It is really what makes or breaks these. It is also the most time consuming and tedious part. I will require the down payment AFTER I have waxes and post pictures of the waxes.


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I'd be down for the Jango helmet, providing all the details are correct! ;) The more and more I can replace the rub n' buff with cold cast or actual aluminum, the better!(y)