Half a Rifle Scope


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Alright. I'm to lazy to post pics at the moment. But Fett enthusiasts should know the pics I'm talking about. Alright. In the Visual Dictionary shoot, all of the pics of his ROTJ rifle have just half of a scope. I used to think this was merely a cropping of the picture, until I began seeing this half-scoped rifle all over the place. In the helmet section, in TD's new post, somone posted a pic of ESB helmeted fett with blaster, and it's got just half. What is up with this weird rifle?

My theory was that it was a "stunt" blaster that was used in the Luke slicing scene. Perhaps that blaster was detachable at the pvc joint meeting the webley and the scope at that joint was in two pieces. Once this scene was filmed, for publicity purposes a gun may have been needed and the stunt was quickly reassembled without the half of the scope? Just a thought, but I'm pretty curious.


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...and the other half of the scope is buried somewhere out in the sands...forgotten by time...sought by collectors...


But I digress...


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Talk about a sense of deja vu....I think the scope thing was mentioned in a thread last summer. I'm pretty sure we came to the same conclusion about the scope being part of a stunt rifle. Ironically in the Visual Dictionary, Boba's rifle appears in the weapon section at the beginning and has the whole scope present. Pretty crazy....