Guantlets are driving my eyes WACKO %)


Jr Hunter
OK, In the original ROTJ it looks like Fett had on the AOSW guntlets with the ROTJ MOM helmet. In ROTJ SE He has the AOSW ESB helmet and AOSW guantlets. In the visual dictionary he has on the AOSW ESB helmet and the guants have similarities the AOSW , but has the MOM hose connectors, and some of the scratches are different around the black square on the right guants and the buttons on the left. It looks like it any way. Are there posably another set of ROTJ guants?
I should start writing this stuff down, but I identified most of the armor pieces in regard to where they appeared. I'll get back to this thread tonight, but there is a Prepro gauntlet at AOSW, which I believe was used in the Jedi SE.
As well as the guants, I'm wondering if the entire AOSW suit excluding helmet was the original ROTJ costume.Theres a good pic of fett on the skiff and definatlty has on the AOSW guants and the ROTJ helmet in the original ROTJ. the two scratches on the left guantlet near the two black buttons is a dead givaway. I wish I had a good picture host.
Here's a good pic from the original ROTJ with the AOSW guants.
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