guantlet nozzles


Has anyone sourced up where to get the brass nozzles for the jango guantlets? I have seen something similair in firefighting equipment. And considering Lucas's crew grab tons of spare parts for their costume bits, Im hoping someone has found "the actual parts"

Let me know



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Are you referring to these?



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You fabricated those Darkside?

Wow, amazing! (y)
Having those available for purchase would be awesome!(y)

Put me down for a set.

Dark Side

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yes I do!:)
mmmm....really I drew them and the numeric controll lathe realized them:lol:

so..they needs some upgrade...but when I will finsh they will be available for purchase.

If someone is interested I could make a run:)


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...the left gauntlet missile tip?:rolleyes

...shares similarities to a string plumb.

Still an amazing job on those anyways, Darkside.
Hey thanks! I knew I had seen that shape in brass before!

Now I just ave to figure out how to drill the holes in it. anybody got and end on view of it so I can lay ou the template to drill the holes?


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There used to be a guy whom was selling the plans for a working jango/boba flame thrower on ebay, but havent seen him in awhile.

Yep, i know who you mean. In my opinion, that's kinda stupid. The last thing I would like to do is to launch flames throught a flame thrower. That would be like wearing a real gun and start shooting
ooops I spoke too soon!

Its back on ebay again!

MODS, I dont know the rules on posting links so if its a no no, please omit the link, and Im sorry.

But if its ok, Heres the link of the guy selling the fett guantlet flame thrower

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Posting the pic works the best. We don't want anybody to get this idea in their head and try it. Think about it fire, plactic, and a trip to the ER. A great way to end a day.


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Hey Dark Side,
I'll take a set of these Jango Nozzles, their awesome!
Any ideas on price or when you might do your first-run?
Loving your work,