Greetings from Wisconsin, USA


New Hunter
Hello fellow cosplayers and kit builders, I recently started a new Mandalorian build project based on season 2 of Star Wars the Clone Wars. I have decided to create the armor of Pre Vizla, leader of the death watch, and so far I believe I have a good start.

I am making the armor out of EVA Foam, mainly for flexibility while wearing it(I'm not used to ABS plastic clone armor). Also, I do have a 3D Printer accessible to make anything I can't with the foam. While I am just starting out this project, I have already started to run into a problem with acquiring pieces.

Some of the main pieces I am missing templates of are the thigh weapon holsters and the knee and shin guards. While I am willing to do things the long way I was curious if anyone had any recommendations that would make this process shorter.

I am currently putting the jetpack on hold until I can find some good filament to use that won't make the 3D printer work for an entire day straight to finish one piece at a time, so if anyone has any filament recommendations for cosplay please let me know!

I look forward to seeing the end result of the build!