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New member from Dover Kent - massive geek and major star wars fan. Obviously the dark side and everything Fett!

Greetings to all...



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Indeed I am - I purchased a rubies Vader costume from a friend and it’s really wet my appetite ha ha. I also intend to build a UKG acceptable ESB Vader costume over the next year (or two) ha ha


Looking forward to getting to know you :)
First few things you might do, introduce yourself. You did that! Next I would go to the “Boba Fett costume” section and spend awhile looking at other people’s wip threads. It’s an incredibly helpful resource and will help you with your next task. Choosing what Fett you want to be holiday special, prototype, prepro, ESB, ROTJ, se? Robot chicken? Lol. You will get a good idea of what you like by going through others wips and seeing their work as well as scanning dozens of images of the Fett man himself. Next I would suggest creating your own WIP thread and asking more personalized questions there. That way the members can come in and tackle your particular questions and you can start compiling a need or have list of parts.

I recommend taking it very slow on the buying at first. It’s true that most of us come in here ready to be Boba Fett right out the gate and it’s true for many of us that we have made mistake purchases due to not completely understanding the build or consulting other members. Use your resources!

After you have done all that I recommend doubly making a list of your entire kit either on paper, here or on an excel spreadsheet with the vendor name you would like it from and the cost of that item. This will give you a good ballpark as to what your finished Fett might cost and you. To understand better what parts you will need to hunt down to make a list I would consult the 501st CRL database for the fett you wish to get started on.

Can’t wait to see you get started!

welcome to the hunt!