Got this thing in the post this evening.


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There I was, making my ammo belt when the doorbell rang. It was the postman. He was holding a big box and handed it to me. I thought finaly my ANH stormtrooper helmet, but there were stickers on the box which said Overseas sea mail. And it came from down under. What could it be?

I opend the box and it was filled with Australian news papers and Kangaroo pics;)

Anyways I pulled up this, little thing next to my bucket.


Now the question is, what should I do with it, it barely fits my head.

I droped the resin ear on the table and it broke, I can glue it together.

I bought this helmet on ebay last spring, before I knew anything about this site or Boba helmets. I thought the guy just stiffed me and ran away with the 50$. So I got in touch with micke here and got an MLC helmet which I painted.
Advice - send it back to Ebay. You'll get more than your money back if you display it correctly.

That appears to be an Altmann's bucket. Conversly, you could always put it in the Cargo bay. Save some poor NewB from buying a Rubies. lol
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p.s. Have you tried it on? Where does it rank in relation to a DP bucket?

The reason I ask is I've been debating over one day getting an MLC-1 or an MLC-2 bucket and the -1 looks really huge but my DP barely fits. I'm worried that the MLC-2 wouldn't be big enough. You see my dilemma?
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ugh I've seen that same type of helmet on ebay and I always thought it looked strange, it nice to see it compared to a real bucket
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That is not an Altmann's helmet, and if it is a recast of one, they shrunk it horribly somehow. The Almann's helmets are close in size to the DP Deluxes. As for for that is, I do not know.
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That almost looks like someone took a Boba Children's mask from a halloween costume and built up the back and cast it. That's why scale references are important ;)
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Nope, that's no Altmann. Like BF said, it's likely a recast, but of what we can't be sure (especially if the ears are resin...mine were metal). And that paint job is wrong too, here's a pic of my old Altmann for comparison:

The guy who sold it to you probably took so long because he was trying to figure out how to do a recast. At least he didn't stiff ya.

What should you do with it? Only you can make that choice. :)
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The question is do you want to sell it and how much? ;)
Robert E.
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Don't know about it being an original Altmans, but it appears to have been cast or referenced from one.
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And personally I think it's a bit rude that you're "slagging-off" on someone elses work.
I've seen this guy's auctions on Ebay, and no one had a gun to your head making you bid on it.
I've had dealings with him and I've had no problems with him.
50 bucks is a pretty good price, and it's not as if he didn't send it.....GEEEEZ

Oh and as for the resin earpiece.....Drop most resin things on a hard surface and you're lucky if they survive in one piece.

Hey and here's something for you and anyone else reading this to consider. You've called it horrible and obviously consider it second rate, and yet you're still prepared to put on Ebay to try and sell it to someone else.

Realllllllly nice, MATE
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I´never said I would put it on ebay and sell it to someonelse. And first of DarthBish be sure that we are talking about the same seller. Every comunications with the seller were perfect and enjoyable.

But the helmet it self is very strong. And I appologize for my remark you are right we sould not be "slagging-off" on someone elses work. Sorry. Just got carried a way.

As for the resin parts, the resin ear on my mlc helmet is to my personal knowledge indestructable.

It´s gonna take some work but it can be made into decent helmet. May be a custom one I had in mind.

Clearly I may have offended someone so I edited my post.
I think the problem was with the original auction. Even though we didn't see it, you thought you were getting one thing and you received something else. You probably wouldn't have bid on it if you knew it was so small. So there might have been some deception about it.
Don't worry about your comments. You paid for it and you're stuck with it. Your opinions are your opinions.

This Post was very informative for anyone considering buying the same helmet. They too might think the helmet looks better on the original auction

Selling it on ebay is up to you and you would not be pawning it off to some sucker. I'm sure you be be very descriptive in your auction to avoid the mistake you made. Your helmet might not be good enough for you but would be perfect for someonelse.
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