Got my PVC Sheet today Armor in process.


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I got a 4'x8' sheet today. 1/8" thick
I still need template for Cod Piece. But will start cutting either today or this weekend. Got lots of pots on the burner right now.

Also, any help on great ways of heating it up and shaping it would be great.

Oh yeah? is $30 a good price for a 4'X8' piece of pvc?
For bending, I purchased a heat gun on EBay for around $30. Works great.

I think $30 is pretty standard for the Sintra, at least that's what I paid for mine.
Congrats on going with sintra. It is great to work with. As for forming I use boiling water and form until it looks the way I want it. You will have to practice a few time before getting that perfect look that you want. Just remember to be patient. That is vary important. You will make mistakes it happens. don't worry sintra is reheatable so if it stiffens up on you before your done and the piece of armor looks like a boomerang its ok reheat it and keep on forming. U do have to be careful not to bend it to much in one area at a time sintra has a tendency to crack if you do so. If it does crack after you have finished forming super glue works great for putting it back together. my armor has cracked a lot because I handle it so much. After it dries completely sand it down with some medium grit sand paper. I have noticed that it comes out stronger afterwards than it was in the first place. I have a cod template if you are interested. let me know and I will send it to you. I hope this helps
I got my sheet from a sign shop at the little town near me. they got it in like 2 days. It is not bad to work with a razor knife cuts well I used jodo kast's template. here are some pix of the cut outs.




I have started shaping them. laid it over a boiling pot and chanted the mantra to the sintra gods as jodo said to and it went pretty good except I am still not happy with the knees.

I'll take pix and post them to show you.
Heres some suggestions for the knees. First off the center of the knee should be as big as your knee cap. So it raps around nicely if it is as big, all you should have to do is curve them to fit your knee. and try to keep the center sort of flat. It is a bit hard but it is possible. I have been working on a prototype sintra Boba knee for a while. I got the main body to look nice by using those methods. I also used a two layer method that allows for you to curve the bottom and fill it with bondo to get that curve at the bottom like Boba and Jango's knees. Let me know if you need any help and I will try and help you out the best I can.:D
here are some pix of the armor after I have bent it. I think it is turning out well. need a little more shaping and this PVC is very forgiving.



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