Got my Darth Mule vest!


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Check it out, I put it on over my jumpsuit that needs to be replaced (hint hint DM). This vest is great quality. Fits very comfortably and looks amazing.
Didn't have anyone around to help me take the pic, so sorry. Check it out tho.

Whoa! I thought Darth Mule only did graphs of his work. I didn't know he sells. Well, I shall definately consider this.
He started a run. I think I'm the second person to get one. I love it. It makes me realise that I'm going to have to revise my new chest armor I got. It's a little too big for my frame, wich is a shame, because it's good armor.
I'm definately going to keep this in mind. from what you said, I'm kinda scared of what to do with the armor pieces once I get them though. The vest is fine though. I'm only worried about how the armor would fit
InfraFett said:
Oh wait, I see what was said. YOu only need bigger armor is all. heh heh. I'm a bit of a moron sometimes. :D

Actually i need smaller armor. Time to bust out wizard's templates again.
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I got my ESB vest/neckseal combo from DM as well and they are great. Top quality workmanship and a great guy to deal with. If you are thinking about getting one from DM, stop thinking and place your order. You wont be disappointed. I will try to get pics of mine up soon.

That's a good lookin vest you got there bro.. Who did you say made it again? Ha!!! Glad you like it. Everyone else who is interested, just keep an eye on the Cargo hold. I'll put up another run when I can. I'd rather wait until I have the time to spend and do small runs with a quick turnaround, than to pile up the orders and take 6 months to get you your product.
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