good source for wookie braids?


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HHHMMMMM!!! Gotmaul told me about that before. I have to look into making my own then. thanks for the link.

Thanks man. I think that might do the trick.


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Yeah, they look good, but i'm going with something even cheaper! =)

Braided doll hair from a craft store. Only $2.00 Should do the trick as well.

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I've made mine using the braided doll hair, but they used horse hair on the movie suits. I really don't like the feel and shine of synthetic doll hair, and the pre-braided stuff isn't nearly as thick as the ones in the movie. I want to replace mine with horse hair soon, which will allow me to braid them thicker.


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I'd like to get real horse hair as well. My synthetic doll hair ones looked too cheesy I think, after I got a look at horse hair ones at CIII. Problem is I can't braid...maybe my wife can. Anyway, hey Seeker! If you order that horse hair from tandy and end up having some left over after you make your braids, I'll buy the rest off of ya. I hope to see you guys in Elgin this Saturday if you go...


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Maybe this might help:

1. Divide all the hair into three even sections and comb each section smooth.
2. Cross the right hand section over the middle section. The original right hand section is now the middle section.
3. Pull all the sections away from each other to tighten the plait.
4. Cross the left hand section over the middle section. The original left hand section is now the middle section.
5. Tighten the plait again.
6. Continue the process alternating right and left sections over the middle section, tightening each plait as you make it.
7. Secure the end of the braid with a rubberband or hair-safe ponytail holder.

Tips: You can learn to braid by using three pieces of string or rope laying flat on a table. Once you understand the concept, it's easy to make the transfer to braiding hair. Once you are adept at making the braid you will want to hold all the sections in your hands to increase your braiding speed and ensure uniform plaits. Try holding the outside sections between the thumb and index finger of each hand and moving the middle section between the index and middle fingers back and forth between both hands as the outside sections are crossed over it.

This page has a few images that might help too.


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i know a lot of people didnt know how to braid.. but this.. is just funny.. almost sad... its.. think about it.. i imagine all these "boba fetts" and such in there gear sitting at a table with an instructor teachin them how to braid.. lol... sorry.. humor.. laughing.. must.. have... air.. stop.. the pain.. lol... i dont mean to hurt anyones feelings but you gotta admit.. its funny.

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our leather factory place has them...BUT the problem from what I hear is that most horse hair comes in about 3/4 the length it should be, therefore you have to string them together at some point (of which I am oblivious). My thing is this, lets go up to TLF, get some horse hair and pay QUINCY five bucks to hammer it out !!! lol. But seriously, that's a good idea if I've seen one :)


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I was at dragon con last year and saw a woman selling hair braid extensions and what not. She had them in 300 different colors. I asked her if she could make me longer ones then she had on display, she said yes. I had her make me up a set of all 3 colors, they look great, and were $15 total (and they came braided).


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yeah, I got 5 feet of brown doll hair and black hair, and I suppose it will look somewhat strange, but when I wrap it around, and fray the ends, and am in my boba fett outfit, I don't think many people will be like, "So, where did you get your wookie scalps?.. from doll hair? "



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The problem with the Tandy horsehair is that it is too short. You need at least three feet to have the proper length, unless you want to connect them together somehow.

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I went to a beauty supply store (Sallys?) and bought a few different colors of synthetic hair ($1.99 per pack), and braided it myself. The hair is very very long and was sufficient to wrap around my arm and still hang to my waist, even once braided.
It has a decent texture as well.
For the thread wrappings I used this thick thread ay wal-mart which i wrapped a 1000 times!:lol:



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Hi all, does anyone know a good source for wookie scalps in the u.k.? i don't have the patience to braid them myself, so finished ones if i can.