Gloves Glove Comparison


Jr Hunter
Anyone out there have a good comparison on what gloves are out there or what pro/cons they've seen?

Thanks in advance!


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The gloves made by Mike M. and Major seem the nicest out there to me. I bought a pair of Mike M. gloves and felt they were a big step up from the Bobamaker ones I had.
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i can say that Major's gloves are the top. very happy whit that. they looks better than my previsously ones because they have the right tackle twill. also listen only good things about Mike's ones.


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I have a set from Major and I'm very happy with them. Very accurate and I feel that he's got the dye color correct, which is very important.


Jr Hunter
I can't find tackle twill in any of the fabric/craft stores around me and online you need to buy a minimum quantity which is way to much for my needs. Any advice?